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Sunscreen and the ocean – what is the Real STORY? Protecting your skin, protecting the ocean

You might not know this, but unless you are using the correct sunscreen, you are damaging the ocean and its inhabitants. But, don’t worry, we have some suggestions for you to protect yourself against the UV rays, whilst protecting our beautiful ocean.


What exactly happens when you use the wrong sunscreen?


Here is a list of some of the things that can go wrong under the water when you use sunscreens that are not ocean friendly:


  • It accumulates in the tissues of coral, which can cause bleaching, damage the coral’s DNA, deform young coral, and even kill it completely
  • It can impair the growth and photosynthesis of green algae
  • It can also accumulate in the tissue of dolphins and be transferred to their young
  • In mussels it can cause defects in the young
  • It can decrease fish and sea urchins’ fertility and reproductive systems, as well as cause female traits in male fish



The coral reefs of Seychelles 

Coral reefs in Seychelles are protected and part of the country’s national pride. People come from around the world to explore these incredible underwater eco-systems.

A healthy coral reef is more than a home for a myriad of sea creatures, it is also one of the most valuable ecosystems on earth. These reefs provide billions of dollars in environmental and economic services, like food, coastal protection and tourism.



How can you make a difference?

There are various ways to protect yourself against the sun.

  • Umbrella (seek shade between 10am and 2pm)
  • Hat
  • Long sleeved tops
  • Longer pants
  • Sunglasses
  • The correct UV sunscreen

Let’s talk about sunscreen

Protecting our oceans is no longer a debate. It is something we should all be committed to. If you are looking for a sunscreen that ticks all the conservation boxes, People4Ocean developed a product called P4O that we highly recommend.

P4O protects against both UVA and UVB rays and was developed by marine biologists. It is safe for kids and pets, as well as for pregnant and nursing women, and it’s vegan friendly. The formula is 100% natural and free from synthetics and fillers. It is also water resistant for up to three hours, but we suggest you reapply every two hours if you are swimming and sweating.

So, not only is P4O Ocean friendly, it also gives you the protection you need. This super talented product is available at STORY Seychelles


For more information on P4O sunscreen, please visit P40 Sunscreen.


Let’s protect the natural heritage of Seychelles, so that it is there for future generations to explore and enjoy.

Let’s do Seychelles! 

 If Seychelles has always been on your bucket list, here are some tips to help you plan your trip.


Best time to go to Seychelles   

So, the good news is that Seychelles is balmy most of the year because of its tropical positioning. It is good to remember though that the calmer periods, between the trade winds, are between April and May, or October and November.


Getting there

There are various airlines that fly to Seychelles and the main airport is on Mahé island. You can also opt to go on a cruise liner if sea travel is your thing. Serious sailors with the necessary documentation and licenses can also drop in on the islands during their high-sea adventure.


Hopping between the islands is easy. Air Seychelles has frequent flights to Praslin; fast catamarans and leisurely schooners travel between Mahé, Praslin and La Dique; and charter flights and helicopters also operate between these and more remote private islands.


What to pack 

As dictated by its warm, tropical climate, include plenty of light clothing and beachwear when travelling to Seychelles. Swimming costumes, sandals, sarongs, shorts, T-shirts and summer dresses are in the order of the day. If you are planning to explore the wonderful trails and walks, good walking shoes are a must. Pack some slightly more formal clothes for those special evenings out.


At the top of your list should be sunscreen (preferably an environmentally friendly one), a hat and sunglasses. A handheld fan will go a long way in keeping you comfortable.


The Ultimate Guide to the Seychelles Islands


Currencies and cards

The currency of Seychelles is the Seychelles rupee (SCR), but tourists can also pay in US Dollars or Euros.

In Seychelles, you are required by law to pay exclusively in a common foreign currency. Therefore, all the costs that you incur, such as accommodation charges, car rental costs, entrance fees for national parks, diving or chartered boat expenses, need to be paid in US Dollars or Euros. In most cases, payments can also be made via credit card. Taxi and restaurant bills that are not directly related to your accommodation, must be paid in local currency or a commonly used foreign currency. Seychelles rupees are accepted only at local markets, shops and nightclubs.

Most international currencies are likely to be accepted, but it is best to have US Dollars or Euros with you. Access, American Express, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted, with limited use of Diners Club cards. You easily find ATMs in Mahe and Praslin. Your Traveller’s Cheques will be accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops advised taking cheques in either US dollars or Euros. foreign exchange facilities are available at the airport banks, as well as at regular banks, which can be found on the major islands. Keep your original currency exchange receipts so you can re-exchange currency upon departure from Seychelles.


Travel documents 

Seychelles is a visa free country, but it is recommended that you check current entry requirements on the government website well in advance of travelling to this beautiful archipelago.



Visitors must stay in government licensed and certified accommodation, or live aboard their sea vessel for their entire stay in Seychelles. It is thus advisable to book your accommodation in advance of your arrival. Refer to www.tourism.gov.sc for a list of government approved accommodation.


Safety on the islands   

Seychelles is considered to be a safe destination for travellers with low incidents of opportunist crime in the popular tourist areas.


Can you drink the tap water?   

Although the water is chlorinated, we advise that you stick to bottled or boiled water.


Local customs  

The first thing you will notice is that Seychellois are incredibly friendly and hospitable people. Shaking hands is a customary greeting for both men and women. If you are lucky enough to be invited to a local’s house, take a simple gift. You will be treated to mouthwatering local cuisine.



Gratuity is usually included in the bill at hotels, restaurants, for porters and taxi driver services. That said, if you’re very happy with the service, there is no reason not to add something extra.


Health tips  

Take mosquito and bug repellent with you! Also, wear long sleeved clothes and trousers at dawn and dusk. Besides not wanting to scratch your holiday away, there are occasional outbreaks of dengue fever and other mosquito borne illnesses.


There is a large hospital in Victoria and clinics on Mahé, La Digue and Praslin. Medical facilities are limited beyond these. We recommend that you take out comprehensive medical insurance for unforeseen circumstances and to enable you to visit private healthcare professionals and facilities in emergencies.



Seychelles can be quite expensive, but still doable even if you’re on a tight budget. Instead of a hotel, consider self-catering accommodation. Grocery shopping is easy and cooking for oneself goes a long way in stretching your budget.



Seychelles is a unique travelling experience. The mix of lush tropical forests, granite mountains, pristine beaches and a well-oiled tourist industry make it a top contender for an island holiday. Learn about the best resort in Mahe Island, Seychelles


Seychelles cuisine


Seychelles – the home of flavour


A delicious smorgasbord of global and local cuisine


Whether you’re a food lover, cuisine adventurist, or just in need of nourishment, Seychelles cuisine will not disappoint. As a favourite tropical island travel destination, this Indian Ocean archipelago offers delicious food journeys for everyone.


Local Creole delicacies 


Trying out the local cuisine is for most travellers part of their travel adventure. Get ready to be seduced by the fragrant local Creole cuisine.


Although Creole is a living cuisine and is constantly absorbing new flavours and redefining itself, it also holds many traditional recipes and flavours. Creole cuisine is harmonious and born out of a mixture of cultures.


Because it combines various origins and influences, this type of cooking is rich and bursting with special flavours. From freshly caught fish, to locally grown fruit, from spicy curries to sweet fried bananas, there is something here for every palate.


Here are just a few local delicacies to try out: freshly grilled fish; salted fish; fish curry; fish with rice; coconut infused curries; lentils cooked in garlic, onions and ginger; sausage rougay; breadfruit and traditional satini (watch out for the chilli). Remember to try out anything with banana in it.


Take some of the island’s aromas home with you to keep your holiday memories fresh. Visit the fresh market in Victoria and stock up on all things spicy. If you’re looking to cook traditional Creole food once you’re back home, grab a few bottles of the Creole mixed spice. It has everything from paprika and cayenne to black pepper and dried oregano in it.


There is something for every palate 


If you’re less adventurous, or just in the mood for something else, you won’t need to go far. Call it a ‘global buffet’ if you want! Because the Seychelles economy is so geared towards tourism, they dish up a wide variety of cuisine at a myriad of restaurants ranging from elegant fine dining to local hole-in-the-wall establishments.


Seychelles cuisine


You don’t have to venture too far……


STORY Seychelles is a fine example of the variety and excellence Seychelles offers. It will be safe to say that it comes among the best hotel and resorts Seychelles have to offer.

Find Trip Advisor’s top 3 restaurants on Mahé island right here!


Top ranked is Seyshima – the home of sizzling teppanyaki and fresh sushi. A wonderful journey into Japanese cuisine with a side of sake.


Trader Vic’s comes in at second place. Set in the resort’s lush gardens, it overlooks the lagoon. It is a French-Polynesian restaurant and home to the original Mai Tai® and Seyhorse cocktails.


While there are many restaurants that offer Creole cuisine, some of the best restaurants in Seychelles are located outside of the capital Victoria. If you’re looking for an authentic island experience accompanied by good food and vibey live music, this is the place.




Eden is the best of many worlds and voted TripAdvisor’s number three restaurant on the island. Nestled in the lush tropical gardens on the edge of the beach, it serves a delicious selection of mouth watering Creole inspired fresh seafood and prime cuts of meat from the BBQ. Its vibe is authentic and romantic.


Ripples Pool Bar is the coolest place to hang out! It is casual, chic and home of the perfect daytime menu – accompanied by island style cocktails. Have it all while stretched out on a deckchair next to the pool.


Vascos is one of the best hotels and resorts in Seychelles. It is open-aired with a bright and contemporary decor. Start your day here with a buffet breakfast that has choices from all around the world, or end the day with an infusion of international and Creole cuisine. Fresco eating at its best!


1502 Bar is called after the year Vasco da Gama came upon Seychelles. This cocktail bar is airy and elegant, and offers an impressive array of cocktails, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic concoctions. If you’re peckish, there is a delicious à la carte menu to choose regular meals and lighter snacks from.


Tête-A-Tête is a unique island dining experience where you get to design your menu with the Executive Chef. Relax at a candlelit table at a secluded spot on the beach and let us create an unforgettable experience and a lifetime of memories for you.


Seychelles cuisine



Beau Vallon Bay at your service


Take a stroll along the white sands of Beau Vallon Bay and watch the lights spark to life as the sun says its last hooray. Along the way you’ll find some real gems to end the day at – the lively Beach Shack, the pizza heaven of Boabab, the simple elegance of Bliss floating above the rocks, or La Plage, which is the only restaurant right on the beach, a few meters away from the Indian ocean.


Sharing a meal is a tradition in Seychelles

Seychellois love gathering with family and friends to enjoy a meal. This heartiness is mirrored by Creole food – it is flavourful, filling and nourishing. So, make sure you mix up traditional island style food with world cuisine when visiting the islands.


Seychelles Holiday

Dreaming of white beaches, aquamarine water, soothing breezes, natural wonders and a varied choice of adventures in a place where the locals are finely attuned to making visitors feel welcome and well looked after? Then put Seychelles at the top of your travel destinations.


Visit the world’s oldest islands


Even before your flight’s wheels hit the ground, the aerial view of the world’s oldest islands will steal your heart and breath. Seychelles is the world’s only granite islands in mid-ocean and has the largest raised coral atoll on the planet. Its archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean contains 42 of the very few granitic islands in the world, of which the main island, Mahé, is the largest.


Island hopping, jungle jamming, mountain trekking, beach chilling, coral reef exploring, preserving nature


On the islands even when you’re doing nothing, you’re still doing something. Depending on how active you feel and how much time you have, you can plan a varied schedule that includes activities on land and at sea. Travelling between the islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Dique is easy and quick.


Every direction you go in brings you to a pristine beach. Beau Vallon beach in Mahè delivers on beauty and entertainment, Praslin with its scalloped coast of cozy white-sanded inlets is a diving haven, and the ultimate beach paradise of La Dique with the beaches of Anse Source d’Argent and Grand’Anse is a magical experience.


One sometimes forgets that the splendor of the Indian Ocean is matched by the steep mountain ranges and dense jungles of the Seychelles. These mountains and jungles offer homes to a myriad of fauna and flora species, endless views and unique nature experiences. Don your walking shoes and spend a day or more exploring the cool depths of the jungle with its waterfalls and pools that fringe the majestic granite mountains. Morne Seychelles National Park on Mahé is an adventure on its own with its scenic trails, variety of eco systems and the archipelago’s highest peak, Morne Seychellois.  Put Vallee de Mai on Praslin, a true Garden of Eden which boast the Famous Coco De Mer, on your must-see list.


If you don’t have time to visit the giant tortoise in its original habitat on the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Aldabra coral atoll, hop over to Moyenne Island. Moyenne Island is surely less known than Aldabra but it´s a passion project of one man who wanted to preserve the natural heritage of Seychelles and it is the world’s smallest national park.  Here you will find many giant tortoises lumbering along the lush island habitat.



If you love the ocean and want to get up close and personal to the colorful life beaming all along the coral reefs, book a day with one of the local boating companies and take a ride right up to the reefs. Most of them supply the basic gear for a sublime snorkeling experience. Deep-sea fishing is usually also an option with these service suppliers.



All you need is love and a great STORY –

and the experiences of a lifetime with the reassuring harmony and welcoming friendliness of the multi-ethnic society still living refreshingly close to its roots.


Let us take you on a journey perfectly fit for a bestselling Romance Story made in heaven – only in Seychelles.

Sunset and Bubbles

Most beach side resorts in Seychelles offer different packages if you are looking for a renewal of the vows or honeymoon deal. Go ahead, book an exquisite beach side resort and be pampered while you are sitting by the beach, holding hands, watching the sunset and enjoying some Bubbles.


Coconuts all around

Walk by the coconut plantation on the Anse Source D’Argent Beach and indulge in a refreshing coconut cocktail or enjoy it at the Vallee de Mai in Praslin to see the “Coco de Mer” grow – the world’s largest coconut. The story is quite intriguing and looks do matter! Coco de Mer is truly one natural beauty, that will bring a smile to your face when you see it.


Fly free like a bird

Even though quite costly – it is absolutely worth it – a helicopter ride over the Seychelles Islands. From way up there, the views of these islands are breathtaking. You can see everything on Mahe (the biggest island), Praslin, La Digue and all private Islands. STORY Seychelles is on the top North side of Mahe.  Most of the smaller islands are privately owned and set amongst tropical vegetation.  Some of them have quaint accommodation available.


Day boat charters

You can choose from full or half day snorkeling or fishing trips with a delicious BBQ on a secluded small piece of island ending with enjoying the sunset with champagne on the way back.


Couples Spa Treatments

When booking a romantic package, you can also ask for the one that includes a couples Spa treatment, and I can assure you, it will be a delightful retreat. Get ready to recharge your body and forget the stress of work – together. You might even learn something.


Candlelit dinner by the beach

Although most of the properties in Seychelles are close to the beach, few hotels have a beach side dining set-up. One such property that fits the bill, happens to also be located on the best beach in Mahe – the Beau Vallon Beach, is STORY Seychelles. Go ahead and make your reservations for two at our property and have the most romantic candlelit dinner by the sound of the roaring waves of the ocean.


Stroll through the little town

Enjoy these beautiful small lanes in the capital of Seychelles.  Walk around the streets, holding hands and spend a long relaxing vacation away from the hassle and bustle of the chaotic city life.  Go shopping for souvenirs in local art galleries and craft markets to take home and share a little bit of the story you created in Seychelles!


Roadtripping around Mahe

Right outside the Mahe International Airport, Seychelles, you will find plenty of options to rent your own car. Also, most resorts offer free parking facilities. So, select your drive, connect your playlist and explore this magical island by driving alongside surreal natural landscapes, endless ocean and tiny islands in the distance.


Snorkeling in paradise island

Even if you don’t know how to dive or are afraid of the sea, snorkeling is something you shouldn’t miss. It is the easiest way to gaze underwater. Most of the beaches around Seychelles are calm and do not have high tides, making them ideal for snorkeling and your chance to see the colorful fish and corals in the blue sea. Don’t wait its magical.


Seychelles – a perfect destination to reignite your flames of love!

Get packing. It’s time to plan your transformative love story.

At STORY Seychelles we have a brand new Renewal of the vows package with everything from ceremony on the beach or in the garden, invigorating couples spa experiences, champagne, lovingly prepared food, a room romantically prepared and all the things that speak of love.


The team at STORY will always make sure that this chapter of your love story will be unforgettable.


Join us again for another journey…