Wellness & Spa

A deeply personal experience at the heart of Mikalto

Where each step is a new chapter in your wellness journey

We have a highly flexible ethos to wellbeing, with guests able to pick individual aesthetic or healthcare treatments from our menu, indulge in a combination of therapies for a more in-depth approach, or consult with our experts about our highly bespoke, targeted programs – which last for a week or more.

We use therapies from across the globe — hand-picked for their efficacy and relaxing, non-invasive nature — to build a wellness story with each guest, and improve their mental and physiological function regardless of age or malady.

Immersive Wellness

Eliamos invites you to indulge in staying well and to enjoy contemporary wellbeing enhanced by the allure of the Greek islands. Surrounded by the splendid Kefalonian sea and countryside, rejuvenate the body, mind and soul with spaces to move, relax or stretch in. Remain faithful to your health goals, sync up with nature’s rhythms and bask in its unrivalled healing powers. Surrounded by lush nature, connect to the root of all life from your verdant Kefalonian sanctuary.

Holistic Wellness

Taking care of your body becomes an enjoyable part of your revitalising vacation on Kefalonia. Eliamos will help you eat well to move more in a relaxing environment. Health takes centre stage without imposing rules or restrictions. Within this verdant haven listen to your body, calm your mind and restore your energy from the inside out.

Uncover Mikalto Inner Peace

Embark on an exotic, sensory journey where invigorating spa treatments take place amidst the raw beauty of the teeming rainforest. Walkways from the central reception pavilion lead through lush foliage to private, daybed-equipped treatment pavilions.

Wellness Experiences

Relaxation like never before

Find the time here at Maya to tone up your wellbeing, the time you missed during your daily life back home. Our trainers will help you reconnect with your inner balance and state of happiness.

Embracing the sight and sounds over look on the side river with and the bridges.

Opening Date

Monday – Sunday

Opening Hours

06:00 am – 22:30 pm

Price Range

$5 – $399

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